Fairfield Community Schools Closing Information

School closings and delays will be determined by the superintendent after consultation with county police, director of transportation, and bus drivers. Notification of students and families will be made through the district's PowerAnnouncement system connected to PowerSchool.  Announcements will also be made by the following commercial television and radio stations:


  WOWO (1190 AM) AM Radio
  WTRC (1340 AM) AM Radio
  WILLIE (103.5 FM) FM Radio
  WFRN (104.7 FM) FM Radio
  WRSW (107.3 FM) FM Radio
  WNDU (NBC 16) TV
  WSBT (CBS 22) TV
  WSJV (Fox 28) TV

The announcements should be on the air by 7:00 a.m. Students should listen to radio reports and not call school officials or staff members.


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