Fairfield Community School Board Metting Minutes





March 27, 2014


President Trent Hostetler called the meeting to order with all board members present.  Tim Leer, Amy Bertram, Kevin Miller, Steven Bontrager, Faron Miller, Larry Schlabach, Ernie Helmuth, Caryn Howell, Julie Senger and Curt Pletcher were visitors.


There were no committee reports.


Greg Kitson made and Marilee Keim supported the motion to approve the following:

a.  Minutes of the March 13, 2014 meeting

b.  Claims 22685 through 22739 in the amount of $473,191.45;

payroll claim in the amount of $401,060.24    

c.  There were 16 professional leave requests

d.  Approve Resignation:

1.  Pam Hunsberger – Half-time Library Educational Assistant at Millersburg

     Elementary School for the 2014-2015 school year

e.  Approve Employments:

          1.  Angela Frey – Health/PE Teacher at Fairfield Jr. Sr High School

          2.  Laura Peachey – Special Ed Paraprofessional at Millersburg Elementary School

          3.  Megan Miller – Jr. High Track Coach at Fairfield Jr. Sr. High School

The motion passed unanimously.  A copy of the professional leaves follow these minutes.


Under old business, the “Our Community, Our Schools” project was discussed and Superintendent Steve Thalheimer gave an update from the March 17th community meeting.  He shared that the project is not a done deal and currently he is in the process of gathering surveys from school district families, kindergarten round-up, and he plans to continue this process through upcoming community meetings.  There will be a community meeting at Millersburg Elementary School Tuesday, April 1 at 6:30 p.m.  Curt Pletcher shared with the board preliminary financing information for potential building projects and gave a couple hypothetical illustrations on how they could be financed. 


Business Manager Phil Menzie was absent. 


Superintendent Steve Thalheimer recommended acceptance of a $1000 donation from United Student Aid Funds, Inc., on behalf of Wrennie Howard for Benton Elementary School.   A motion made by Wayne Miller supported by Brent Welty passed unanimously.


Superintendent Steve Thalheimer recommended the board approve the quote from Lee Company Inc. for the bleacher replacement section at the east end of the gym at Fairfield Jr. Sr. High School in the amount of $23,419.20.  Wayne Miller made a motion supported by Greg Kitson to accept the quote.  The motion passed unanimously.


A motion made by Marilee Keim supported by Brent Welty to approve Fairfield Jr. Sr. High School’s Professional Development leaves using Title II funds passed unanimously.


Extra Curricular contracts were signed for Bruce Abramson, Daniel Glogouski, Ricky Everest, Cindy Jensen, Lindsay Kauffman, Amy Nelson, and Troy Sands.

Upon proper motion and second the meeting adjourned at 7:56 pm.



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